Gabby is  a 25 year old mom with an 18-month-old daughter living in the Bronx. Inspired by her experience with NFP, she dreams of becoming a nurse one day, but she can’t do it on her own. 

Finishing her nurse prerequisites 

Gabby was working tirelessly to complete the prerequisite courses she needed for the nursing program at her college. But, when she gave birth in September 2019, she had to take a break from her education to care for her baby. Now that her daughter, Anita, is 18 months old, Gabby is ready to continue her education.

Applying to the Heart’s Desire Fund  

Determination and perseverance weren’t going to be enough to cover the costs of going back to school. For Gabby, $900 and two textbooks stood in the way of starting her next course. On her own, she would’ve had to push back her start date until she could save the money.

Gabby was so excited to find out about Friends of NYC-NFP’s Heart’s Desire Awards from her nurse Nicole. Finally, she saw the next step on her path. 

“This award will take my financial and emotional hardships away.”

Gabby, NFP client and Heart’s Desire Awardee

Being courageous for her daughter

After over a year of staying home with a baby, Gabby is worried going back to school will be a challenging transition. It’s one thing to care for a one-year-old; a whole other to balance attending virtual classes and studying. 

“Even though school can make me nervous and at times anxious,” Gabby shared, “I enjoy being in school and hope to have the income in the future to continue my education and have a specialization in nursing.”

What NFP taught her about nursing 

Like all NFP nurses, Nicole has been a significant part of Gabby’s support system throughout the pregnancy and her child’s early development. Nicole helped ease Gabby into parenthood by supporting her through the emotional, physical, and social challenges of becoming a new parent.

Even after over a year of working together, Gabby leans on Nicole for knowledge and guidance in caring for her baby and finds support and encouragement for returning to school. 

Gabby is touched by how dedicated and caring Nicole has been throughout the NFP program: “When I have a meeting with Nicole over Zoom or phone call, I am reminded how amazing nurses can be by being so caring of their patients and dedicating their time to really check on them.”

That reminder inspired Gabby to work towards becoming a nurse one day. “Nicole has shown me what being a nurse is all about: truly being there for your patient, being compassionate to their needs, and providing the care they need.”

“I feel motivated and determined to finish school and become a nurse. I want to be able to provide the type of caring service I have received.” 

Gabby, NFP Client and Heart’s Desire Awardee

What the future holds 

Gabby’s ultimate goal is to finish her Associate’s degree in nursing and move on to her four-year college. “What I truly desire is to have a profession and be able to increase my income and provide for myself and my daughter.” 

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