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Friends of New York City Nurse Family Partnership

August 2021


Karin Romans, Executive Director

Friends of New York City Nurse Family Partnership 

Announces the Appointment of Three New Board Members

Friends of New York City Nurse Family Partnership announced in July the appointment of two new members to the board of directors. “This is a large step in the growth of the organization,” said Karin Romans, who was appointed Executive Director in January. 

The board is helmed by Susan Orkin, Co-Founder and Board President. “Susan created something incredible by founding Friends and I’m glad to see our organization evolve under her leadership,” said Romans. “Our board is composed of a group of talented professionals who have dedicated their time to ensuring moms and babies get the support they need when they need it most: the early years. I am excited to see Jennie, Rebekah, Christina channel their incredible skills, expertise, and energy into furthering our mission.”

“The mission of Friends is to support moms in the renowned Nurse Family Partnership program. I created Friends because I learned that there were no individual contributions coming into NFP–the best anti-poverty program I had seen in a 30-year social work career and I thought that money was being left on the table. In the past five years, we have supported clients and nurses in NFP with close to half a million dollars.” In the past year, we’ve added some modest staff and must build sustainability and capacity to continue to support NFP moms in creating financial stability for their families. I am excited to welcome our new board members who will help us accomplish this goal!” said Susan Orkin, Board President. 

Below is a brief introduction of the two members:

Christina White, CPA, is a director at PwC with more than 12 years of experience providing accounting, audit, and business advisory services to both emerging growth companies as well as multinational companies within the technology media and entertainment industries.

Rebekah Wahba is the Global Head of Client Data at BlackRock. She has spent two decades working at the intersection of financial services and technology. 

This brings the number of board members to twelve. Friends’ Board of Directors also includes: Susan Orkin, Christine Wasserstein, Susan Chinitz, Henry Mascia, Ellen Cohen, Faiza Issa, Mia Lipsit, Brittany Richards, Linda Rothenberg Stein, and Ariane Tschumi.

About Friends of New York City Nurse Family Partnership

Our mission is to improve babies’ lives by assuring that NYC NFP has the resources to fully achieve its goals. Scientists now believe that poverty starts in the womb. But it doesn’t have to be that way. We provide financial assistance to mothers to allow them to pursue higher education and we pay for activities and events that increase their social and community connections. We also provide benefits for nurses that advance their skills and contribute to their satisfaction and retention. None of these additional services are available under the basic government-funded program. Friends increases the impact of the program on NYC clients.  

To learn more about our organization, please visit our website: Also, check us out on Facebook and Instagram. For more information or if you are interested in joining our board, please contact Karin Romans, Executive Director at