What is the greatest impact of being a part of this organization?I think the greatest impact is being supported and not judged. A lot of times it is hard to discuss the hardships you’re facing, which makes it difficult to ask for help. Friends of NYC NFP offers an unbiased lending hand. 

How has being a recipient of the Heart’s Desire Fund changed your life? My life has changed significantly because with the funds that I received. I was able to jump start a small business of my own. Now I will always have a means to make extra money to support my family. 

Working 2 or 3 jobs and being a great hands-on parent is unrealistic. Having the option to have an income that doesn’t take time away from spending with my children is a luxury that may not have come as soon as it did without the support of Friends and its donors. 

Jazmin joined Friends in 2022 as Program Associate. She oversees the Heart’s Desire Fund, LEAP, and is working on launching an alumni group. She’s worked in the restaurant industry, owned her own business, and is a CNA, among other talents. In addition to Friends, she works part-time and is a hands-on mom to two amazing kiddos (pictured above).

What would you say to a Donor of Friends? Thank you so much for helping provide more financial resources to our communities. 

Most of us are hard-working moms trying to break generational curses and give our children a better life than was given to us.I am a very firm believer that I am destined for success. However, sometimes life circumstances have taken me back to the beginning of the race to start all over again despite my efforts. The assistance you provide allows us to achieve goals that are otherwise unattainable. Thank you for all of your help.