Client Testimonials

Many of us face a constant emotional battle. I pray and hope for a pathway every day.
I have been going to school one semester and working the next and I have already been doing this for 7 years. Being a part of your program is speeding up my journey but it also truly renewed and rebuilt my enthusiasm to pursue this degree and build a brighter future.

Ebony Prince

Today my nurse Megan dropped off a check for $1,400 that will help me pay off my tuition balance. I am so grateful for the opportunity to be receiving this check as it will contribute to me putting my best foot forward in school because I won’t have to worry about tuition along with all my other expenses while I’m not working. As a mother there have been many instances where I’ve had to take a leap of faith, praying everything will figure itself out, and I’m certain that this organization in some form stems from my prayers and faith. Thank you so much, I am so grateful.

Zaine Alawode

Thank you for your gift of the opportunity of a better future. Our family really appreciates the love and support that you gave to us. Words can’t explain how happy I am and feel so blessed to be part of a caring team… Thank you!

Vronik Francois

The help that I received from you really put me on the path to success. I was able to finish with A’s in all my courses. I have plans of entering the nursing program next semester at my college and cannot wait. I know I will be successful. Thank you so much for the push that you gave me. It was life changing.


I was the recipient of The Heart’s Desire Scholarship and it changed my life dramatically. I was awarded the chance to take doula and Lamaze childbirth educator training. Afterwards, I met a beautiful, empowering group of mentors that took me under their wings. Now, I have my own LLC, business bank account and work as an independent contractor through a doula agency. I am in a better place financially, my self-esteem has been boosted immensely and I am no longer anxious every day about how I am going to stay afloat.