Jazmin’s Story

Before giving birth, Jazmin was employed as a trained chef and intended to return to her job after delivering her baby. But complications from a C-section derailed her plan. She started offering baked goods and savory meals to her family and friends, and when they told her how much they loved the treats, she got the push she needed to start her own catering business.

She said, “I really want my own business so that I can pass something down to my son. When my mother died recently, whatever money she had went for the funeral expenses, and I want my son to have more than that.”

When Jazmin started her baking business, she could not afford an electric mixer and she did all the mixing by hand. “It would take me all day to bake a couple of cakes,” she told us. When we bought her the mixer she needed, she was immediately able to increase her production and her income. A few months later, she got a job as a receptionist in an office and shared her baked goods with coworkers. The management liked Jazmin and her treats so much that they offered her a contract to bake the cakes for their employee celebrations and she is now on her way to a catering business.