Nurse Appreciation

Without passionate, committed nurses there is no NFP program.

Roberta Holder Mosley

NFP Director Emeritus

Nurse-Family Partnership is nothing without nurses. NFP hires a specially trained cohort of professionals with the specific skills to care for first-time moms from early pregnancy until their child’s second birthday. However, the lack of funding and incentives often prevents nurses from pursuing further education, certifications, and additional skill sets. Additionally, their work is under-appreciated and underpaid as specialized nurses, juggling both typical nurse duties on top of the burnout some experience in caring for families with unique and/or complex living situations. Their working conditions are also more onerous: subway travel every day to home visits, repeated occurrences of NFP Moms in crisis (incidents of domestic violence or homelessness), and isolation from colleagues regularly.

As a result, there is a critical need for resources that contribute to refueling and sustaining motivation among NFP nurses. To address this need, Friends has created initiatives to provide support for the dedicated, hard-working NFP nurses. Friends provides funds for NYC NFP nurses to attend specialized trainings and conferences, like the annual NFP National Service Office Symposium, which will better equip them to properly care for NFP moms and their babies. Friends also hosts nurse appreciation events to boost morale and provide some reprieve for the incredible health care workers, of which, NFP would not exist without.

NSO National Symposium

Every year, the National Service Office for Nurse-Family Partnership and Child First hosts an education summit for more NFP’s national nurse workforce, network partners, and maternal health experts. This convening allows over 1000 attendees to connect, share knowledge, inspire one another and discuss opportunities for growth. With a different theme every year, this event presents the latest research relevant to nurse visitation and maternal and child health, in addition to continuing education credits that are critical for maintaining their nursing license. More information about the annual National Symposium can be found here.

“Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to grow in knowledge, through my growth my clients grow, and through their growth the world changes!” – Adelmis Grano de Oro, RN