Our Mission

Babies born into high stress environments face threats to their safety, their brain development, and even their chances of staying alive.

In fact, scientists now believe that poverty starts in the womb. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Our mission is to improve babies’ lives by assuring that NYC NFP has the resources to fully achieve its goals. We provide financial assistance to mothers to allow them to pursue higher education and we pay for activities and events that increase their social and community connections. We also provide benefits for nurses that advance their skills and contribute to their satisfaction and retention. None of these additional services are available under the basic government-funded program. Friends increases the impact of the program on NYC clients.

Our History

Christine Wasserstein and Susan Orkin

Friends of New York City Nurse-Family Partnership was founded in July 2015 by Susan Orkin, a social worker and Christine Wasserstein, a psychotherapist. As women in the helping professions, each of them recognized the power of promoting good outcomes for babies at the earliest moment possible. When they discovered Nurse-Family Partnership in New York City and learned that it had no mechanism for stimulating or collecting philanthropic contributions from individuals to improve the lives of low-income mothers, they decided to do something. Friends of New York City Nurse-Family Partnership received its nonprofit status in February 2016.

“We are incredibly fortunate to have the support of Friends of New York City Nurse-Family Partnership. They help us meet client needs that the program is unable to address due to lack of philanthropic funding, insufficient staff time or both. The group has earned the admiration and gratitude of NYC NFP administrators and nurses across the city and, most importantly, is truly helping change the lives of clients and their children.“

Roberta Holder-Mosely

Director Emeritus, NFP Program, NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene