Volunteers Are A Vital Resource For Moms

While Friends has a dedicated and amazing team, we would be unable to accomplish all that we do without the amazing support of volunteers. Our team is small, and all work part-time, so volunteers are a vital part of achieving our mission.

As a volunteer you can help us create impactful and rewarding programs that encourage community, bolster moms’ confidence, and help parents develop skills. Volunteers also help contribute to a mom’s well-being, ultimately resulting in healthy families and healthy babies!

Want to Volunteer?

Without volunteers, much of our work would not be possible. When you volunteer, you energize our work, make new friends and feel your impact.

Everyone has a skill that can be put to work. Our Learn, Eat, and Play (LEAP) Program is one of the best ways to volunteer. Moms learn, grow, support, and interact with one another. Topics include content areas such as parent-child interaction, nutrition, money management, baby massage, and CPR. However there are plenty of ways to volunteer.

Learn more below:

Request For Volunteer Information

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We’re looking for volunteers to:

      • Help plan LEAP programs for the moms (no regular commitment required, but you are designing and delivering the content)

      • Help support online or in-person programming by acting as an assistant at events, could include giving moms a hand, helping get lunch or snacks ready for mom and baby, or supporting our Program Coordinator virtually or in-person

      • Support for moms: help us approach corporations for sponsorships or small giveaways or items for moms like diapers, wipes and other essentials

      • Friends Helping Friends: bring together a group of mom friends, your colleagues, your kids, or another group, and put together care packages for moms. We can distribute to NFP, and your support will go a long way. 

      • Raise Awareness: host small gatherings to introduce our work to friends and colleagues or to join a peer-to-peer fundraising campaign


(255 )-352-6258


Friends currently operates primarily as a remote organization.  Any in person work will primarily take place within NYC.

Available Opportunities

We encourage all current and potential volunteers to read our Volunteer Handbook.