You Can Change a Baby’s Life

Our goal is to ensure ALL babies in our community get a great start in life. We do that by strengthening New York City Nurse-Family Partnership (NYC NFP), providing it with financial support that expands services and programming for new mothers and nurses.

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Supporting first-time mothers when it matters most

Since 2015, Friends of New York City Nurse-Family Partnership has launched programs that help moms find family-sustaining careers, encourage friendship, and build community. Friends is unique in the country with its partnership with NYC NFP. Friends help mothers pursue family-sustaining careers and achieve their goals, provide programs that support moms’ mental health and child development, and develop new skills to support their families. 

Participants in our program are part of New York City, Nurse-Family Partnership (NYC NFP). NYC NFP is a New York City Health Department program that implements Nurse-Family Partnership, the nationally renowned nurse home visiting model that helps moms succeed by getting the care and support they need. Nurses help moms have a healthy pregnancy and support moms with advice on child development and steps to ensure a stable income for their new family.

“Together, we help mothers create bright futures for their children.”

Friends has helped more than 700 moms

with tuition or financial assistance since 2017

NFP is a national model that has achieved these dramatic results:


reduction in child abuse and neglect


fewer language delays by 21 months


fewer injuries and poisonings


fewer behavioral and intellectual issues

Donors to Friends of New York City Nurse-Family Partnership ensure moms in the NYC NFP Program have the resources essential to achieve financial security, peace of mind, and realize their heart’s desire for themselves and their children. 

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We enable mothers’ self-sufficiency, increase social and community connections, and provide professional development for nurses.

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