Corporate Support Is Vital

Volunteer, Host, Teach, Care…

How Your Company Can Advocate For Moms

Corporate volunteers help expand our offerings to moms in a unique and meaningful way, opening up doors for moms graduating from college, looking to start their own business, and dust off their resume.

Professional development is a key component to helping moms find financial self sufficiency and ensure a bright future for themselves and their babies.

So what can you do?

Run a CRW

The mothers we work with have dreams of owning their own business, going back to school, or restarting their careers. By volunteering your company’s resources to host a Career Readiness Workshop (CRW) you can help re-build a mom’s confidence

Some ideas for CRWs include:

  • resume editing

  • interview prep/mock interviews

  • 1:1 mentorship sessions

  • Audit an in-house training class

  • Writing workshops 

  • HR policies and practices to be aware of in the workplace

Participate in LEAP

LEAP or Learn Eat & Play sessions connect NYC NFP moms with each other to learn, socialize, let their babies play, and engage in interesting talks focused on maternal and child wellbeing. Virtual LEAP sessions are regularly offered biweekly and are led or co-led by Friends staff, community members, or consultants.

As a corporate volunteer your team can lead a LEAP session or volunteer to support existing LEAP sessions.  Some of the sessions we’ve had in the past include but are not limited to:

  • Mom and baby keepsake crafts

  • Story Reading

  • Volunteer to support or lead a LEAP session 

  • Parent skill building
  • Mediation
Host a Charity Day

A charity day is a great opportunity for your corporate team to engage in a group activity geared at supporting a target audience.  For Friends, our corporate partners have spent the day creating new mom care packages, designing reusable tote bags for moms filled with baby essentials, and hosting an in-house fundraiser to support our Hearts Desire Fund.

Sleeping newborn who received support through Emergency Fund

You and Your Co-Workers Can Be a Resource for Moms & Babies!

Have other ideas for how you and your co-workers can be an advocate for moms? Reach out using the links below.