The Heart’s Desire Awards



The Heart’s Desire Fund (HDF) makes it possible for vulnerable mothers to pursue post-secondary education. Friends reviews essays from interested mothers and letters of recommendation from their nurses. Then we channel money from donors to pay tuition and necessary additional resources such as Metro Cards, laptops, books and short-term child care.


By removing the financial obstacles that face these moms, donors empower them to gain the education that will launch them on a career path and break the cycle of poverty. Financial assistance also reduces their stress, freeing them to devote their emotional energy and attention to their children during the critical, earliest years.


To be considered for a Heart’s Desire Fund Award, moms participating in the NYC NFP Program must be recommended by a NFP Nurse. Nurses should review the Nurse Recommendation Guidelines for further details about eligibility before submitting an application and must submit a Nomination Form  to recommend a NFP mom for funding. Moms will be contacted by our program team to fill out an application upon receipt of a nomination from a nurse. Any questions should be directed to

Friends recently reviewed and updated our guidelines to be more encompassing of the challenges our clients are facing and awards can be used to fund tuition, certification programs, entrepreneurship, short-term child-care, transportation, moving expenses, and emergency requests, which hopes to forestall serious issues including but not limited to food insecurity, homelessness and medical issues. Nurses, please see our slide deck for full details.

Nurses may also be considered for a Heart’s Desire Fund award to further their education and enhance their knowledge in maternal health care.  Nurses interested in furthering their education should contact 



Ebony (pictured above) alternates between working and going to school. With the support of Friends, Ebony can see the light at the end of a 7yr journey to complete her degree.  She has persevered through many obstacles and looks forward to a bright future for herself and her daughter. 





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Since our founding, Friends has awarded more than $600,000 to over 600 families.  We look forward to continuing this  vital service for years to come.