Lisa’s Story

Lisa (name changed for privacy) is a single mom who faced a lot of hardship during the pandemic. Lisa’s partner abandoned her and their daughter the second he found out she was pregnant. Going through pregnancy and delivery, alone and isolated due to the Covid-19 pandemic made a horrible situation even worse. Unfortunately, Lisa developed postpartum depression.

“[I was] worrying about my daughter getting sick while doing this alone with no family. Taking her to the doctor and grocery shopping, cleaning groceries while she cries in the background.”

In addition to caring for her newborn baby’s needs and navigating motherhood alone, Lisa was struggling to find a job to support her daughter financially. She was originally in the hospitality industry which was hit hard by the pandemic. Lisa once had experience in medical coding but lost her license after being out of  practice for so long. However, she knew this would be the perfect opportunity to provide for her daughter while allowing for a work from home schedule.

Friends of NYC NFP helped Lisa get the funding to take courses and complete  the licensing exam. Though Lisa did not succeed at first, Friends helped her to obtain additional funding to try again and she passed. Now Lisa has a stable lucrative career to support herself and her child. “Now I feel like I have hope to take care of my daughter.” Through Friends’ support, and Lisa’s own determination and will power, she is on a new path towards success and stability.  “We all need each other… You don’t know what people are going through and if you can give just a little bit of support, you’ve done so much for the world.” 

Read for yourself how the support from Friends helped Lisa achieve her career goals and attain financial security for her family.


“I PASSED MY MEDICAL CODING EXAM! I am now an official Certified Professional Coder. It was a challenge and took me taking the exam three times but third time was indeed a charm. I persevered! I am so thankful to Nursing Family Partnership, Friends of NY and SCO for the support. All of you believed in me and for that I will forever be grateful. Thank you for the bottom of my heart! I can now get a great paying job and take care of my daughter the way she deserves. Please know what a great impact you’ve had/continue to have on our lives. I will forever pay it forward. Thank you so very much.”