Hyacinth’s Story

Hyacinth is a full-time student completing her junior year as an international studies student while raising her four-month-old son. Like so many of our moms, Hyacinth is “committed to being a good mother and completing [her] college studies” but has no family support and is living in a shelter. While Hyacinth was receiving unemployment benefits, that support has ended and she is currently struggling to finish school and pay for transportation and childcare. She depends on public transit and takes multiple buses to get to class. 

Hyacinth battled with the decision to finish her last few semesters of college or give up all her hard work, effectively putting an end to her future career aspirations – all because she couldn’t afford the bus fare and child care. 

In her own words, “[The Heart’s Desire] award will help me accomplish my dreams of having a college education, be employed in the United Nations, and help me support myself and my baby. This will be the accomplishment of a great dream for me given the fact that I have grown without family support and without role models to support my dreams. [My accomplishments] will teach my child that anything is possible.”

Through her resourcefulness, Hyacinth has made connections with community organizations to support her motherhood journey and find adequate childcare while she attends classes. Her commitment to bettering herself and obtaining a college degree is what compels Friends of the NYC Nurse-Family Partnership to support Hyacinth’s heart’s desire and ensure she achieves her goals. By completing her degree, Hyacinth will continue her journey toward creating a better life for herself and her child.