Our Clients

We provide support to young, first-time moms living in the New York City area who have incomes at or below the poverty line. Many face homelessness, and food insecurity or domestic violence.

Despite these challenges, NFP surveys reveal that 70% of participants want to pursue higher education or certification programs at some point. But the stress of putting food on the table, finding and paying for safe housing, and raising a healthy baby with minimal support means that mothers cannot prioritize upward mobility without outside financial assistance.

When donors provide financial resources, they increase the chances that moms’ babies will thrive—not simply survive.

“You opened the doors that they had hoped for but had not been able to act on due to financial barriers. Perhaps even more powerful, however, has been Heart’s Desire’s role in acknowledging the efforts of these women and serving as a vote of confidence in them as individuals. For many of my clients this act of support and investment in their future goes much further than any dollar amount and has not been shown to them in many areas of their lives.”

Abby Goldstein


Demographic characteristics of NFP participants:

When NYC NFP and Friends of NYC NFP work together, the result is healthier, happier families.