Isamara’s Story

Ever since graduating high school, Isamara’s goal was to pay it forward and become a nurse. She enrolled in a four-year college but, having no financial aid, she found herself unable to keep up with tuition payments. That left her with a large bill; but she was determined to pay it off in order to start again. To do so, she worked three jobs. Then she enrolled in community college, this time with financial aid. However, during the first semester, she found out that she was pregnant and would give birth the next term. When she learned the pregnancy was high risk, she decided that she would focus on her body and her baby, not realizing that when she dropped her classes her financial aid would be cancelled. Once again, she was left with a bill that she could not pay.

In her essay to us she said, “Since leaving college, I’ve felt like a failure. I’m not the type of girl who likes to leave things half done. I feel that I’ve let down both myself and my family. If I don’t get the scholarship I will go back to work full time, but I fear that I will never get back to school because I know that my dream of finishing will always be put aside for whatever my son needs. I want to give him the world.”

With $1,500 from Heart’s Desire and a small loan from her mother, Isamara was able to return to school as planned and is now back on her way to both becoming a nurse and giving her son what he needs.